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30ml Mini Face Spray

30ml Mini Face Spray

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Refresh and rejuvenate your skin with the 30ml Mini Face Spray. This powerful spray moisturizes deeply with its tiny nanoparticles that easily penetrates through the skin, allowing the active ingredients to have better absorption. It shrinks the pores, tones up your skin, and leaves it looking full of vitality. Say goodbye to dryness or firmness before applying makeup—this mini face spray is perfect for creating a natural look by evenly hydrating your skin. After finishing up your makeup routine, use the 30ml Mini Face Spray to keep it in place so that you can look beautiful all day long. The gentle mist will not stain or irritate, which makes it a great companion on-the-go thanks to its attractive and portable design. So be sure to add this beauty nano facial mist humidifier from 30ml Mini Face Spray in your daily routine for instantly hydrated, glowing skin!



Product Description:
Material: Plastic
Color: As Shown
Water Tank Capacity: 30ml
Quantity: 1

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